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Upholstery Cleaning

To keep your floor's tiles looking their best and guard them against smudges, scratches, and discoloration, we may arrange routine maintenance. In order to maintain and repolish your marble or granite surfaces, we will visit your home at certain times. Additionally, we will only polish the heavy traffic sections of the floor as opposed to the full floor surface.

Powder polishing, as previously mentioned, restores a "mirror-like" gloss. For tile floor maintenance, the stone sealer must be used once every 12 to 24 months. It's time to reapply the sealant when the tile becomes more difficult to clean. Our maintenance visits will contribute to keeping your tile surfaces modern for a very long time.


Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Pre-inspection: The furniture that needs to be cleaned is thoroughly inspected in the first step. Our specialists will spend time identifying the kind of upholstery your furniture is made of before using the proper cleaning technique.
Pre-rinse: Utilizing the cleaning solution appropriate for your upholstery is the first step in the upholstery cleaning procedure. Any dirt or other imbedded soil will become loose and simple to remove as a result.
Soil Extraction and Rinse: The cleaning solution and all filth and soil are removed in the second phase, which is rinsing. Your upholstery ought to be clean and fresh after doing this. You might want to think about adding a fabric protector to increase the lifespan of your upholstery.
Fabric Protection: Beyond a fabric protector, you might also think about using a deodorizing product, which will make your entire house smell incredibly fresh and clean where your recently washed furniture is located.


An adhesive residue that is harmful to children and animals can be left behind by detergents and poisonous conditions. At Steam Medic Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we utilize approved eco-friendly cleaning products that are fantastic for upholstered furniture. Our products are resistant to re-soiling, quickly to dry, and safe for your family. We clean your furniture so that it smells better, is healthier, and lasts longer. To clear the air in your home of cleaning solution filth, dust, and allergens, we employ specialized extraction equipment. With our cleaning services, your furniture will seem fresh, clean, and pristine.

Which cleaning technique we employ will depend on the specific upholstery fabric. The drying process and optional protection treatment define the drying period, which typically lasts between 2 and 6 hours.

The topic of steam cleaning upholstery comes up frequently. Steam Medic Carpet and Tile Cleaning does not, however, steam clean furniture. Because of the steam you see as we clean, the method we employ to clean upholstery is called hot water extraction, or "steam cleaning.".

When possible, we choose our robust hot water extraction cleaning procedure since it offers the most thorough cleaning of all available techniques. It's possible that some fabrics need a more gentle washing method. In this instance, we'll assist you in making a choice that best fits your requirements and your furniture.